Rooms for just married in the hotel Versal

All the rooms of our hotel for honeymooners - cozy rooms of class "lux", equipped with everything necessary for comfortable rest. These numbers represents a well-equipped apartments Suite consisting of two rooms - a bedroom and guest rooms, with air-conditioning, bathroom, shower and Jacuzzi. Also in each room for the newlyweds Krasnodar, telephones, TV and high-speed Internet access.

Staying at one of the rooms of our hotel, you will plunge into a world of warmth and comfort, and all the trouble of organizing your vacation, we will undertake. Believe me, our room for the newlyweds will be an additional bright touch wedding ...

On weekdays, the room rate is for Honeymooners - 5500 rub. At the weekend room rate is for Honeymooners - 8000 rub. (Price includes breakfast, champagne, chocolates).

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5500 rub. per day
1000 rub. hour

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